Upper Body Day, 1/31/2012

Circuit 1 (4 times)
• T-pushups (x10)
• tricep press balanced on bosu, 15 lbs (x15)
• 1 min jump rope

Circuit 2 (4 times)
• negative pull ups – start from the top of a pull-up, by using a step. Then slowly fight gravity for 5 seconds as you fall down (x 5-8) (this video, starting at 0:45)
• punching sit-ups, 10-lb dumbbells, (x30)
• mountain climbers (x30)

Circuit 3 (4 times)
• walking lunges with overhead press, 10lbs (x14)
• standing lat bar press, 30-40 lbs (x15)
• bent over row + tricep kickbacks, 10 lbs (x15)

If you try it, let me know what you think!



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