Quick Leg Day, 2/3/2012

I didn’t have a lot of time at the gym on Friday (they close at 7, and I got there at 6:15), and I was missing my gym buddies, so it was a quick workout.  I tried to augment this by increasing the weight I was lifting, and I can tell by my second-day muscle soreness that I did a pretty decent job, especially on hamstrings! Here’s what I did:

Circuit One (three times)

  • Barbell squats w/ two 15-lb plates (x15)
  • calf raises on machine (x20)
  • Hip abduction machine, 70 lbs (x10, then hold for 10 s)

Circuit Two (three times)

  • backward lunges with two 15-lb kettle bells (x20)
  • deadlifts with two 20-lb kettle bells (x15)
  • oblique abdominal twists with an 8-lb medicine ball (x20, side to side counts as one)

Then 5 minutes on the elliptical at level 10. Ouch.

I did this in about 40 minutes!  Not too bad.

I need to kick my diet back in gear this week.  Last week was a total food fail on so many levels.  So I’m sure you’ll see some recipes up here soon!




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