Nom. Nom.

New foods tried out:

1. Greek yogurt.  I was a bit skeptical at first, but it’s pretty delish.  I tried the Open Nature brand greek yogurt.  It’s a little more expensive than regular yogurt, but still easy to find at any grocery store.   This particular brand had a but too much sugar for my taste, so I’ll keep shopping around.  However the 3X as protein as normal yoplait is really worth it.  Very filling and kept my hunger at bay until lunch.
2.  Quinoa Pasta.   I was shopping for  pasta last night for dinner and note a box of gluten free quinoa pasta on the shelf.  I thought, why not and see how it compares to normal wheat pasta.  The BF had no idea of the switch 😛 Upon researching it a bit further here, I learned quinoa has a lower sodium content and higher amounts of calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, copper, manganese and zinc than wheat, corn or barley, according to the “Alternative Field Crops Manual” of the University of Wisconsin.  In addition it has more protein and fiber than traditional wheat pasta.  The only difference I noted is that it stuck to the bottom of the pan without a few stirs during boiling.

3. Pop Chips.  Potato chips can be a downfall for me.   I thought I would give these a whirl in hopes of finding a better alternative for when I have those cravings.   A little more airy than normal chips but they definitely don’t disappoint on taste.  The perk – less than half the fat of normal chips!



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