Holy sore shoulders, Batman!

Good grief, yesterday’s workout was apparently a killer.  I mean, it was hard when we were doing it, and I definitely felt like I was working with pretty blitzed arms by the third circuit, but I didn’t expect to feel this sore today!  Lifting my coffee mug is enough to make me whine.

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However, I’m not one to tell anyone to tone it down, if you’re not actually injured.  Frankly, I really like this feeling of being sore after a workout.  It tells me that I did something right, and that I’m definitely going to build muscle. But for some people, the post-workout soreness is a real drawback.  So, if you’re one of those people, you might want to tone down the weight/reps from yesterday’s Upper Body Day.  😉

Actually, in the third circuit, even Kara and I (and our other two workout buddies!) made some mods so we could get through it all:

  • For those backward lunges with bicep curls (10-lb weights), we did a static lunge, pumping out all EIGHT (instead of 10) reps at once on the left, and then switched to a lunge on the right.  The extra lunges were killing us, and we were already dead.
  • Those shoulder raises on the side planks are harder than they look.  We used 5 lbs, 10 reps each side. Also, note that the arm that’s on the floor is an ARM, and not a hand. I tried to use a hand instead, but again, our arms were BLITZED (I like that word today) by the third circuit.
  •  I sorta like those new V-sits with chest presses.  We did them with 8-lb dumbbells, 15 reps.  I tried to cheat and use 5-lb dumbbells once, and Kara gave me “the look.”  This is why you have workout buddies, people.  They keep you in check.

Yesterday’s big mistake, though:  I forgot post-workout protein!   DAMMIT.  I was doing really well with that a couple of weeks ago, but I’m a little disorganized since last week.  I’ll remember next time.  I promise.  But I did have fish and veggies for dinner… still, not good enough!

How do you feel about post-workout soreness?  Do you try to avoid it, or are you a freak like me, and relish in it?




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