Pain, pain go away.

Amanda beat me to posting about the pain!  I swear every morning after an arm day, I just can’t seem to push myself out of bed.  Recently the mornings have been much cooler and my bed is so warm.  After an arm day as soon as I move after waking, I feel the soreness and want to lay there forever.  and ever.  and never go to work again.  It’s SO impossible to motivate myself.  If it weren’t for my alarm, I probably would sleep all day.  The only consolation is the hot shower to soothe my muscles.

I stumbled upon this video today after reading some fitness blogs during lunch:

It incorporates some moves that we’ve done before but haven’t done in a while.  Also it shows a few good moves I think we could use with some increases in the weight.  I will try to incorporate some into leg day for Friday.

Scheduled for tonight: cardio blast. Getting the blood circulating will hopefully ease my muscles so tomorrow morning is easier.



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