Leg Day 2/10/12

Amanda is being super prestigious  and giving a talk in Denver today.   Since she won’t be able to join, I thought I’d borrow from what she did last week and expand on it.

Let me know what you think. 😀

Circuit One

  • Around the clock lunges with 15lbs x 10,  Demonstration here.
  • Dead lifts with 20lb x 15
  • Plank with elevated feet for 45 seconds

Circuit Two

  • Bike.  20s moderate pace then 10s sprint.  Repeat five times.
  • Outer thigh move with resistance bands x 20 +10 pulses,   Video below.
  • Oblique twists with 8lb medicine ball or weight x 20

Circuit Three

  • Squats with 45lb bar and a 15lb plate each side x 15
  • Calf raises on machine x 20
  • Inner thigh on machine with 70lbs,  x 10 + 10 pulses.



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