One fit… Two fit… Cross fit?

Tonight Amanda and I try out Cross Fit.  Normally I would consider it a bit expensive, but we found a deal on Amazon Local for four classes for $50.  Since that is 75% off the retail price, we both jumped at the chance to experience Cross Fit first hand.  I’m both excited and a little nervous about tonight.

I’m excited because I’m hoping to get some pointers on my form.  Occasionally when I’m working out, and usually when it’s a new move, I find myself mentally analyzing my motions though the whole move.  “Is this right?”  “How should my shoulders be?”  “Should my legs be bent slightly or straight?” etc. etc. I essentially question my whole motion.  In response, I find I feel my way through the move and determine what motions are most challenging to the muscle group I’m working.  For example, I always seem to forget my stance for dead lifts.  After moving through the initial two or three reps I remember how my back should be, how my shoulders should be back, how I should focus on lifting with my hamstrings and butt, etc.  I’m looking forward to having that secondary opinion on how I’m moving and the added confidence from knowing I’m doing it right.

If you’re curious about perfecting your dead lift form, I read a highly informative and well tilted post here that helped me perfect my form.


I have to admit though that I am a bit nervous about joining a new “group” environment.  Being the new girl is always a bit intimidating for me.  For working out though, I love working in group situations and I find they are the best way for me to push myself and excel.  It’s that initial step that’s always a doozy for me 😛  I got a little inspired by reading the Cross Fit facility’s blog that I’m going to tonight.  It seems they have a lot of new people filtering through, probably that Amazon Local deal, and that takes the edge off a bit.

Looking forward to tonight!  Any other CF noobs out there?



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