Leg Day, 2/20/2012

I am so psyched to do a leg day tonight.  I haven’t done one in like two weeks.  I had to be careful not to make it insane, since I know I will have lost a tiny bit of strength.  But I’m sure it’s still tough enough to make me hurt in two days.  You know how I love that, though. 😉

Circuit 1 (four times)

  • Get down, get up – on Bosu Ball (x15)
  • Leg extensions on machine, 70 lbs (x15)
  • Hamstring falls with partner (x10)

Circuit 2 (four times)

  • Barbell squats with calf raise, add two 10-lbs plates (x15)
  • A little cardio blasty blast. Oh shit!
    • 30 sec walk
    • 30 second jog (level 5-6)
    • 30 second sprint (level 7-8)
    • 30 second rest (hop off onto the sides of the treadmill while it spins underneath you.)
    • 30 second jog
    • 30 second sprint
    • 30 second walk
  • Clamdiggers (x15)

Circuit 3 (four times)

  • Forward and backward lunges with plate presses (instead of sand bag, like this video). Forward + backward counts as one.  Do 5 on each leg.
  • Oblique twists on incline bench with 8-lb medicine ball (x20)
  • Hip adduction (inner thigh) machine, 60lbs (x10 + 10 second hold)



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