“Token” Arm Day, 2/23/2012

I’m feeling kind of sick today — hi sneezes, and runny…eye?  I don’t understand the eye watering thing.  Seems like allergies, but I’m not really aware of any allergies that I have.  ANYWAY, because I’m feeling pretty bleh, I thought I’d just get in what I like to call a Token Workout.  It’s one of those where I just give myself some credit for showing up, and not worry too much about how hard I’m working.  Although, looking at this workout, it’s not exactly going to be easy.  It just won’t be that hard.  I like the idea of finishing a little quicker than normal too, so I can get home and sniffle under a blanket.  😉

Here’s the plan:

Circuit 1 (three times)

  • Bicep curls, 10 lbs (x15)
  • Tricep press balanced on Bosu ball, 15lbs (x15)
  • Oblique twists with 8-lb medicine ball (x20)

Circuit 2 (three times)

  • Star jumps (x10)

Holy crap, check this chick out — she’s super strong.

  • Upright rows, just the small bar (x15)
  • T-pushups (x10)

Circuit 3 (three times)

  • Flye machine, 30lbs? (x15)
  • Explosive squat and press, 10 lbs (x15)
  • Lat pulls, 60 lbs?, x15

What I tried to do here was still work all of the major muscles that I normally would for an arm day, but I took out a lot of the stuff that makes it really draining — walking lunges (with a press), crazy cardio blasts (although those star jumps look tough), and heavy-heavy weight.  Also notice that we’re repeating the circuits 3 times, instead of 4, like usual.  There is still a decent amount of cardio in there, but there are lots of breaks.  For example, it’s pretty rare that I would ever do JUST bicep curls (without lunges or squats of some kind), or the rather isolating flye machine, because my heart rate is going to go down for those parts.  But that’s ok for today — I’m cool with it for Token Workouts.  Just trying to let my muscles know they still have to be strong!

Do you workout when you have a cold?  Do you think it’s completely disgusting and rude that I’m going to the gym when I’m probably coming down with a cold?


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