Say hello to my little friend…

… Cindy.  Well a half Cindy that is.  A half Cindy is precisely how Amanda and I finished our third and final crossFit elements class.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with Cindy, a Cindy is as many rounds of 5 pulls ups, 10 push ups and 15 squats that you can do in 20 minutes. We did a half Cindy, so we did as many rounds as possible in only 10 minutes. Both Amanda and I finished with a respectable 8 rounds completed.

In addition to the Cindy, Amanda and I learned how to squat today! The crossFit class that we attended performs more of an Olympic style squat with your legs a little further than hip width apart and your toes slightly out-turned. See below.

First we learned the back squat. Start with you stance like the woman in the image above is performing. When you squat down you want to make your butt is out pushing back, you push out from your knees as you go down and the weight stays in you heels. The bottom pose is below:

You want to rest the bar in the middle of your back. The important thing that I learned today was to make sure your shoulders back and with your shoulder blades squeezed together and then hunch them up a bit. This creates a nice “shelf” for the bar to rest on. Previously when I would perform this move, I never had the right shoulder position. After two sets the bar would be pressing weirdly on my spine and it would just be uncomfortable for the lasts sets. With my new and improved stance however, I had no back issues at all. 🙂

The next was the forward squat:

The squat down is the same, only this time the bar is in front resting again on your shoulders. You should have your elbows out as high as you can with the bar in your fingers. It should be resting on your shoulders. If it feels like it might choke you this is a good sign. Please be careful though!

Finally, and most difficulty, we learned the overhead squat she wearing bowling shoes in the pic!? I can’t tell… Anyway, You start by approaching the bar like a front squat. You jerk the bar up into the overhead position. You want your hands a little wider than normal with your elbows locked at the top. Your head should be a little forward, but its most important to maintain the bar position in line vertically with your feet. Again, you squat down with your butt back and knees pushing out until you break parallel with your butt. Definitely not as easy as it looks. Amanda was super quick to pick it up, but it took me a few times with a lighter bar to perfect my form before I tackled the 45lb bar.

Tomorrow we may have to work in some of our new moves to the work out. Hopefully our other work out buddies are ready for the challenge!

Picture Sources – One. Two. Three. Four.



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