Temptation, such an aggravation

Temptations abound as I walked into work! What snacks I have surrounding me…

Directly in front of me I have Oreos.  You can also see the fruit that was part of my lunch that I ate a bit early as my healthy snack to prevent me snacking on the sweets…  (sorry the lighting is a bit drab, but I only had the camera on my phone)

To my left, I have carrot cake.

Finally, behind me I have the rest of the stash.

Note the samoas. Yes, they made their presence immediately known to me.  They are behind me currently as I type are are boring a hole in the back of my head.  …I will refuse! I might stick them in a drawer or something…

Today is a bit different for me at work. We have some environmental tests going on in the lab and the test articles need to be babysat 24/7 until the end of the week. That means all the folks from the midnight to 8a shifts have brought in “snacks” to quell their hunger during the wee hours. Normally avoiding snacking wouldn’t be too difficult a feat, but coming in earlier than normal and running on less sleep makes me one snack prone lady…

Any tips or tricks out there that would help discourage snacking?



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