Arm Day, 3/1/2012

Hey, it’s March!  How did that happen?

So, here’s the plan for today’s workout.  As you can see, Circuit 3 takes another page from CrossFit: it’s an AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) circuit!  We did one of these in our last CrossFit Elements class, as Kara mentioned here, and it was intense!  I can’t wait to see what my calorie burn is.  Usually, for arm days, I don’t burn as much, because I don’t use as many of my bigger muscles.  Gotta give those legs a rest sometimes — and believe me, after Tuesday’s leg day, they really need it.  But, I’m sure with the AMRAP circuit, my burn is going to skyrocket.  Uhhhh, I hope I remembered my HR monitor…

Circuit 1 (four times)

  • Inch Worm, back and forth in the hallway, with a 30-sec plank on each end
  • Back extensions with 10-lb plate (x15)
  • Static lunges with bicep curls, 10-12 lbs (x10 each leg)

Circuit 2 (four times)

  • Bench press (x10) – first time with no plates on the bar, then kick it up a notch. Feel free to take a break between reps.
  • Pull-ups on machine, not too much assistance! Challenge yourself! (x10)
  • Crab Walks (back and forth down hallway.  Too easy?  Carry a plate on your tummy.)

Circuit 3 (AMRAP, 10 minutes) – yeahhhhh boiiiiiii!!

  • 5 push presses, with bar only
  • 10 military situps
  • 15 star jumps

I’m psyched.  I can’t believe I’m psyched, but I actually am.  It’s sort of sick, in a way.



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