Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…

Tonight we get in the pool. First time for Amanda, and first time in a long time for me. I had to go through and sort out all of my swim gear last night. If it’s your first time you’ll need a few necessities – goggles. hair cap (if your hair is long enough to get in your eyes). And if you’re a girl I’d recommend a suit that fits close to the chest. No need to flash the other swimmers … like I may have done my first time… Anyway, here’s my two cents on making waves:

Swimming will kick your butt the first few times. It’s tough. It’s awkward. Breathing underwater and having to come up for air can be scary. However if you stick with it, it’s easily one of the best cardio work outs in my opinion. Why? You really are never aware of how much you are sweating or working out. I also find it very calming in the water, just working out with yourself.

Breathing is key. In the beginning, there were many times when I made it halfway down the lane, took a breath out of sync and starting flailing about like a 5 year old thrown into a pool. I would be breathless from exertion, wanting to stop and stand up, but not able to in deep water. A minor panic attack would ensue while I tried to catch my breath. I had a minor fear of water that probably played a roll as well. For me, I learned that it is OK to go slow and not jet down the lane. When I started breathe out of sync, I would slow down and really exaggerate my motions so I could make sure I was doing them correct. After a few practices your body will get the rhythm, and breathing will be second nature.

Other than that, joining Amanda and I will be our good friend and swimming aficionado Evan. I know my form will be a bit rough, so it will be nice to get some pointers from a seasoned swimmer.

Anyone have some tips for us first timers in the pool?
Picture Sources – One. Two.


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