Leg Day, 3/8/2012

Circuit 1 (four times)

  • leg extensions on machine, 90lbs (x10)
  • deadlifts with small bar plus two 15-lb plates (x10)
    • edit: we only added 10-lb plates
  • bicycle abs on Bosu Ball (x10 on each side)

Circuit 2 (four times)

  • Squats on the machine, try adding 20-30 lbs this time, and GET LOW (x10)
    • edit: we added 50 lbs!  it was totally doable.
  • Calf raises on the machine, same weight (x15-20)
  • Stairmaster, 2 minutes at a challenging resistance
  • Prone oblique roll (x5 each side)

Circuit 3 (4 times)

  • Walking side squats with resistance bands on your ankles (x10 to the left, x10 to the right)
  • Reverse lunges off of step+3 levels, two 10-lb dumbbells, (x10)
  • Saddlebag buster, but to cut out some time, make it 20 tiny circles at the top (just Gina’s last step, below), on each leg.
Thanks Fitnessista!



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