Quick Leg Routine + Abs

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Amanda was a bit under the weather and I strained my arm a bit a week ago, so neither of us were feeling up to an arm day last night. Instead though I put together the following routine inspired by bodyrock.tv.  I just perused the latest workouts and put together something that would have me work up a sweat but not require much arms, since mine is still on the mend. Enjoy.

Leg Cardio

4 rounds. 50 seconds workout, 10 seconds rest.
I set my phone for a 20 minute timer and then used each minute for a different workout. I liked this because it really enforced only 10s for my break.

Jumping Jacks.
Lunge and Twist w/ weight. See image below.
Squat Jumps. Touch the floor with your hands just outside your toes and try to jump to the ceiling.
Plie squats. Make sure your weight is through your heels, push your knees out and get low.
Alternating lunges with kick. See image below.

Lunge with TwistLunge with Kick


10 ea x 3 rounds

Tuck abs. Lie flat on the ground with your hands behind your head. Crunch up so that your elbows meet your knees.
Reverse Crunch. Instead of bringing your head up, you lift your legs up.  See image below.  The more straight your legs are, the more difficult the move is.  Also, pick your legs straight up and avoid swinging them back towards your head.
Toe to hands. Lay on the floor like you are going to make a snow angel. Bring your right hand up to your left leg and touch your toes.
Legs up and touch your toes. Lying on the floor, lift your legs ups perpendicular to the floor and touch your toes. Lower your legs back down and when your legs are back to the floor, curl up and touch your toes.
Oblique mountain climber on ball. Prop your feet up on a stability ball and bring your left knee as far up towards your right elbow as you can. Repeat on other side.

The last three moves are demonstrated in the below video. Skip to minute 9:15 to begin the ab section.

Reverse Crunch



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