CrossFit – Our First Non-Elements Class

If you’ve been following along, you may know that Kara and I completed our 3 CrossFit Elements classes this month.  Last week we attended our first normal CrossFit class, and it was awesome.  Such a great workout.  Here’s what we did:

Warm up

  • 400-meter run
  • Up-and-overs (Anyone remember what these are really called?) with a dowel, see video (x5 in each direction)
  • Windmills with a dowel, see video (x5in each direction)
  • Overhead squat with a dowel
  • Lizard/Plank Stretch, alternate between the two, see this video at 0:32  (x5 each side)
  • Pigeon Stretch (x5 each side)
  • Goodmornings with dowel (x10)
  • Flagpole lat stretches (x10)
  • Leg swings, foward and backward (x10 each leg)
  • Leg swings, side to side (x10 each leg)
  • Dive bombers, see video (x10)
I realize the screenshot for this video is a bit, uhhhh, provocative. I promise, it’s not porn.  Well, at least, it wasn’t intended to be.


Overhead Squats, 2-2-2-2-2   (That just means 2 reps, 5 times, increasing weight as you go)

Amanda: 45 – 50 – 55 – 60 – 65 lbs, respectively.

Kara: 45 – 50 – 50 – 55 – 55 lbs, respectively.

WOD (Workout of the Day — that’s right, we’ve only just begun…)

“10 to 1” Overhead Squats

“1 to 10” Bar-facing Burpees (this is a burpee where you start facing the bar (duh), and instead of jumping just vertically, you jump over the bar to the other side for the next burpee)
So it looks like this, in sequence:
10 overhead squats
1 burpee
9 overhead squats
2 burpees
8 overhead squats
3 burpees
until you get to…
1 overhead squat
10 burpees

I did 55 lbs for the squats, and Kara wisely decided on 35 lbs because the nerve running from her shoulder to her thumb was causing her arm to feel numb from the strength piece of the workout.  Poop on injuries.  Poop on them!

I wrote down 6:56 for my finishing time, but I just know that I can’t be right. I must have finished in 16 minutes, 56 seconds.  I was DEAD, and I know Kara was too, finishing around 17:50.  We kicked ass.

I’m hoping we can get back to CrossFit Los Gatos again soon, but both of us are concerned about the cost of membership.  I keep meaning to email the guy who runs the place, about getting some kind of specialized low attendance membership.  I definitely want to come back, but this gym is really far away.



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