Cardio + Legs + Abs

Today was quite the day for me.  Long. Frustrating.  Nerve-wracking.  I had to haul 100lb+ of hardware worth over $400k on a cart over gravel.  It was a trying day.  It was safe to say that I was looking forward to removing some aggression and gettin’ sweaty at the gym by the end of the day.   Again, BodyRockers inspired me.  My arm is still quasi lame, so I tried to incorporate moves that my lower half could handle.  Hope you enjoy.


50 seconds of activity, 10 seconds rest. I set my phone timer for 30 minutes and used each minute for a new activity

Repeat 5 times.

Squat Jumps – Alternating normal to sumo, then back to normal
Squat Twists – Squat down with small bar + 10lbs ea side, but rotate the bar side to side each time you squat like below. Try to squat so the bar hits the ground.

Jumping Lunges – Alternating side to side
Box steps with a knee drive – like here.
Split Lunges – with the same bar for the squat twists, alternating legs

Finally kettlebell swings with a 20lb bell.

The jumping lunges kinda got to me during the fourth rep and I switched to alternating forward lunges instead.


I planned on 3 times with 10ea. move, but only got to do two because the gym closed 😦
– Side plank hold, Triangle in Pilates, for 30 seconds
– Tuck abs from before, but only bring up one leg at a time alternating legs
– Side V Crunches like below. Try to rotate your body, so you are more on your side that the girl below.

– Restitance band abs – place the handles around your toes and pull band towards you to increase resistance.  Start by doing a reverse crunch and lift your legs up, pull the bands towards you as your legs go up.  Then crunch up to you toes and pull the bands down as you go up.


2 thoughts on “Cardio + Legs + Abs

  1. Amanda and Kara,

    I just started following you two (I made it official today by entering in my email, it was a big step for me 😉 and I have to say thank you so much for sharing with us such awesome workouts! It is nice to be able to get such a variety of workouts to do (and use) in my own life!

    Also, you guys are such an inspiration to me I thought I’d give a little back and share with you an app that I just started using that has been a fun motivator for me to hit to the gym! It’s an app called You’re On! and it helps you keep good habits by sharing and completing challenges with friends. I’d love it if you guys tried it and let me know what you thought! You can download it here:

    Thanks a bunch!

    • Thank you Sarah! I think I speak for both Kara and I when I say, we are honored! I’ll definitely have to check out the app. Thanks for the recommendation. =)

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