Leg Day, 3/27/2012

Circuit 1 (four times)

  • leg extensions on machine, 90lbs (x15)
  • Spin bike:
  • 1 min, sitting
  • 30 sec, standing
  • 1 min sitting
  • 30 sec standing
  • 1 min sitting
  • leg throws with partner, see video (x20)

I definitely recommend throwing your partner’s legs a little to the side a few times, to work in some obliques!

Circuit 2 (four times)

  • Butt-kicks (x40 – that’s 20 each side) – jog in place, but kick your butt with your heels on every step.  Great for hamstrings.  Warning: sometimes causes butt-bruising, if you’re a bit too enthusiastic.  😉
  • Side plank with leg-lifts (x10 each side)
  • Overhead squat, 55 lbs for me (x10) – replace with back squat if you’re injured/unsure, or use a dowel in place of the bar.

Circuit 3 (four times)

  • Cable row + squats on Bosu Ball, remember this? (x15)
  • Power (forward) lunges with 25-lb plate (x10 each side) — PUSH OFF OF YOUR HEELS.  I have to constantly remind myself of this.
  • calf raises on wood block, with two 15-lb kettlebells (x20)



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