Weekend Diet Fail Confession

So it’s Tuesday, and I meant to confess yesterday, but I was too busy working out.  😉

This weekend was a TOTAL DIET FAIL.  I mean, I guess it could have been worse, but my chocolate cravings definitely got the best of me, especially on Saturday.  I’ll publicly recount what I ate both days, as punishment.


Breakfast: two egg omelette with onion, ham, and part-skim cheese, two corn tortillas, with a little jelly on each one.  Water.

Snack/Lunch?: amazing cupcake from Safeway.  It looked very similar to this one (note the giant heap of frosting).Dinner: Chicken and Leek Stroganoff (ahem, heavy cream).  Juice of some kind.

Snack: at the movies, a box of Raisinettes, except for the 2-3 handfuls mercifully shared by my Beau.


Breakfast/Brunch with friends: Mocha (full fat!!?), scrambled eggs with greasy sausage, small helping of roasted breakfast-style potatoes, FRENCH TOAST.  (wtf)

Dinner: Delicious baked tilapia with spicy tomatoey sauce, over brown rice.  This was healthy, at least, but too large a serving for sure.  One Samoa.  DAMN YOU, GIRL SCOUTS!!

So, after writing it all out, it doesn’t seem all that bad, but it’s definitely not what I’ve been doing, and I know it set me back a bit.  So yesterday I was really well-behaved.  Just had coffee for breakfast, a reasonable serving size of the leftover Chicken Stroganoff for lunch, one piece of whole-wheat bread with PB (before my workout – TurboFire: Fire45), and then a big salad for dinner.  Much better. Today, I’ve started with an egg-white spinach wrap and a skinny mocha from Starbucks.  I have leftover salad for lunch. I even remembered my protein for after today’s workout (which I will post later, of course!).  I’m thinking there might be some leftover tilapia in my Dinner-future. This time, a smaller serving.  😉

What’s your vice, when it comes to food and snacking?  How do you avoid temptation?




2 thoughts on “Weekend Diet Fail Confession

  1. my vice on the weekend: 2 croissants and hot chocolate (1/2 cup dark chocolate chips melted in 8 oz of whole milk… pure fat :)) for breakfast on Sundays!

    Cookies or muffins for gouter (4 o’clock sacred French afternoon snack). How I avoid it: drink water or tea instead.

    • Yes, tea is such a great idea. I need to drink more tea. I hear green tea aids in digestion, too!
      And I can totally relate to the chocolate problem. That hot chocolate sounds amazing.


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