Heavy Lifting

Kara and I have been super busy lately.  We are moving out of our house, and in with our respective gentlemen.  I moved this past weekend, so the previous week was spent mainly taping and (obsessively) labeling boxes at my house, and the Beau’s.  Kara moves this coming weekend, so I’m sure her week this week will look very similar to mine last week.

We had so much help — it’s incredible.  We have the best friends in the world.  Luckily, I was pretty well-organized, and things went smoothly.  We moved out of two houses, and into one, in just 5 hours.  It helps to have 13 people!

Moving is a great workout.  I enjoy helping my friends move, because I get some good cardio, and get to be with my peeps.  The hard part is avoiding the pizza and beer that people inevitably provide as a “thank you.”  We did it too — totally guilty.

After Kara moves this week, we should be back to our regularly scheduled programming.  Tomorrow, we may go to softball practice (just heard about it today), or we may stick to our original plan for a full-body day.  We’ll see!  Hope you had a great weekend. =)




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