Full Body Day, 4/3/2012

YAY! I’m excited to work out today.  It will just be Kara and I tonight, so I’m sure we’ll blast through everything quickly, as usual.  I talked to my sister on the phone this morning, and she told me about a tough new exercise she’s done a few times with her awesome trainer, Lisa.  I found a good video online, so we’ll try it today! It’s called a cable push-pull, and here’s how it goes (skip to 0:44):

It looks like the key is keeping your abs engaged the whole time, and controlling the movement so you’re not letting the cables jerk you around.  Stay strong and stable.  We’ll see how it goes!

And with that, here’s the plan for our Full Body Tuesday!

Circuit 1 (four times)

  • Good mornings, 45 lbs (x15)
  • Hamstring falls with partner (x10)  (edit: we had three people — odd number, so we did deadlifts instead)
  • Cable push-pull, not sure of weight yet (x10 each side) (edit: we did 20 lbs.  Could do 30 lbs next time, I think.)

Circuit 2 (four times)

  • goblet squats, one 30-lb dumbbell (x10)

  • back extension + reverse flye with two 10-lb dumbells (x10)
  • 400-m run outside (woo! outside!)  edit: this was hard, and killed me for the last circuit

Circuit 3 (four times)

  • isolated bicep curls, seated, 10 lbs (x10, both arms at once)
  • alternating jump lunges (mother-effer) (x30) (edit: ended up doing a variation on Russian lunges, to cut the cardio down a bit)
  • upright rows, 35 lbs (x15)

Ready to kill it today — I think I’m a bit inspired by my morning weigh-in.  Since my scale has been packed away for the move, I haven’t been keeping up with my weight numbers.  I thought I could see that I was trimming down a bit, but I wasn’t sure.  Turns out I lost ~4 pounds since a week and a half ago!  I guess it’s all the extra cardio at night from carrying boxes.  I’ve been eating pretty well too (except for pizza and beer on moving day), so I want to keep it up!

Post-workout update:  This was a really tough workout, at least for me.  Running always kills me.  Also, I probably didn’t have a lot to eat beforehand, so that might have affected my energy level.  So you’ll see that we cut back on the cardio in the third circuit to compensate for how wiped out we (or just I?) got in the second circuit. 




4 thoughts on “Full Body Day, 4/3/2012

  1. I find that eating a generous amount of carbs (complex, starchy sources) about an hour pre-workout helps me keep my energy up during intense sessions. I will take 35-50 g of carbohydrates pre-workout aside from whatever milk is in my pre-workout protein shake.

    • Hey Matt! Thanks for the suggestion. I usually make a habit of getting some kind of carb and/or protein in about an hour before our workouts, but I think I simply forgot that day. My favorite is apple and peanut butter!

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