Leg Day, 4/10/2012

Feeling queasy today, but working out anyway.  Going to try not to be a wuss.   I won’t lie though, I’m definitely dreading it.  It’ll be better once I’m there with my three awesome workout buddies (Kara, Ella, and Doha).   Woop!  woooo-wooo…..  wehhh.   😉

Circuit 1 (four times)

  • reverse lunges off of step+3 levels, with two 15-lb kettlebells (x8 each leg, alternating optional)
  • side V-crunches (x10 each side)

  • sumo squats with 25-lb plate (x15)

Circuit 2 (four times)

  • walking side-squats with resistance bands (x10 each direction)

Demonstrated by a very cheesey instructor!

  • hip adduction (inner thigh) machine (x10, then hold for 10 seconds)
  • Star sit-ups (x10)

Circuit 3 (4 times)

  • saddlebag busters, like this post but just the part with the small leg circles (x10 small circles, in each direction, on each leg)
  • front squats (replace with back squats unless you’re familiar/comfortable with the form), 45-55lbs (x10)
  • scissor kicks on the end of a bench.  (x10 each leg) switch your legs quickly, and then hold them for a moment in each scissor position.



2 thoughts on “Leg Day, 4/10/2012

    • Thanks for the comment! Yes, it turned out to be a really great glute burn — I’m sure we’ll do it again. There is a hazard for clumsy people (ahem, me) of snapping the resistance bands across your leg if you don’t lower your arms to release the tension first. What a dork!

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