Upper Body Day 4/17/12

Hi Everyone,

I definitely fell out of the blogosphere there for a week or two with the move and work.  Thankfully I have Amanda to keep me motivated and working out 🙂  She’s at a conference on the wast coast for the week, so I will do my best to work up a sweat without her.  This work out is slightly different from the ones we’ve doing lately – I have lower weight and higher reps.  I wanted to focus more on powering through this, keeping good form and finish in a short time period (45min). Here we go:

Ciruit One
20 Lat pull downs
20 chest flies on ball
20 over head press

Circuit two
15 Pull ups
15 cable wood chop from the bottom

20 Chest presses with 45 bar only.

Circuit Three
15 push ups
20 Tri Press with small bar + 5lb?

15 Plank with toes taps
I got this one from Body Rock, but couldn’t find the video link. You are in plank with your feet up on a step or chair. You lower one foot down and touch the floor then return it to the step. Repeat on the other side and that’s one rep.

Did you feel the burn?



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