Full Body Day, 05/08/2012

Holy crap, life is nuts sometimes.  Remember my graph from last time?  Yeah, that first dip is a lot longer than I’d anticipated.  The reason:  my boyfriend had ACL reconstructive surgery last Tuesday, and since then, I’ve pretty much been holed up in the apartment taking care of the poor guy.  Not much time to hit the gym.  The good news is, since we were both stuck at home, we (I) made all of our own meals, which means we’ve been eating REALLY HEALTHY.

Well, all of our own meals, except for the casserole that Kara put together for us to take home.  She’s so sweet!  But even that was healthy: kind of a Turkey Tetrazini, I guess?  Kara, you should post a recipe!  Whatever, it had mushrooms.  I’m sold.

So, what’s been happening is that I’m maintaining my weight, but I’m losing tons of muscle.  The number on the scale stays the same, but my belly/thighs/arms are getting soft, yo!  I hate that feeling.  It’s all about jumping back on the bandwagon, though, so I look forward to replacing the fat (yet again) with lean muscle.  Let’s do this. I’m gonna keep it on the easy side today (ugh, again!) because I don’t want to shock my muscles too much.  I’ll get to that NEXT week, muahahahahaha!

Circuit 1 (four times)

  • squat chop (x10 each side)

    squat chop, as described by Women’s Health
  • bicycle abs on Bosu Ball (x20)  – really extend your spine (arch a bit) to get the full range of motion from your abs
  • real pushups (x10) – or do as many real ones as you can before going to your knees.  Push yourself!

Circuit 2 (four times)

  • static lunge with bicep curls, 10-lb dumbbells (stay in a low lunge on the left, and do 10 reps with BOTH arms, then do the same for a lunge on the right, so you’re actually doing 20 curls each time through the circuit)
  • hamstring curls on machine (x15)
  • cable push-pulls (x10 each side)

Circuit 3 (four times)

  • assisted pull-ups (x10)
  • criss-cross medicine ball abs on decline bench (x40, so 20 each side)

like this, except on a decline bench

  • squat machine, add 50 lbs (x10)
  • calf raises on same machine (x15)



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