Hotel Work Out

Hi Everyone,

Agreeing with Amanda, life has been super crazy.  My whole life is flip-flopped because I am now working midnights for almost two weeks.  I’ve basically turned into this nocturnal, unsocial hermit who wakes only to go to work at night.  😛  Safe to say that work outs have gotten pushed to the side.

The up side is that I am looking forward to a nice, long vacation in a few weeks.  In preparation for that, I’ve put together a few moves to mix and match for hotel room work outs.   I’ll keep the circuit style Amanda and I love, but probably up the reps since the weight will be low or just using body weight.  Using moves from each group, I’ll create a full body day that can ideally be performed in under 45 minutes and in a hotel room.  I figure all this prep now will make it that much easier for me to get in a decent work out on the road!

Wood chops
Around the clock lunges
Jump squats
Curtsey lunges
Sumo squats
Calf raises
Butt kicks

Tricep dips on Chairs
Push ups

Mountain climbers
Plank hold
Ab twists
Leg raises
Reverse sit ups
Bicycle abs
Window wipers

Anyone have idea for hotel room weights?  Right now, I’m thinking of using water bottles or any heavier books I find in the rooms.  Having some decent weights in hand would open up a lot more moves, but I think what I have above will work out well.  The key here will be to keep the workouts fairly quick, but effective.  I won’t have too much time to workout, but I don’t want to be total mush when I come back!



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