Leg Day, 6/8/2012

I have been very bad this week.  SO MANY DIET FAILS.  It happens.  Ella, my friend and workout buddy who is always tempting me with homemade cakes and sweets, will be gone for a week next week.  I told her that I’ll probably lose 5 lbs while she’s gone.  But really, her crepes are the best. Dammit.

Circuit 1 (four times)

  • one-legged deadlifts, two 15-lb dumbbells (x10 each leg)
  • rope ladder drill:

–  squat jacks, one direction (squat inside the square, then jack forward to the next one, with your feet on the outside of the ladder.  For the next rep, squat into that square. Repeat until you get to the end of the ladder.)
–  high knees, one foot in each square, one direction
–  in-in-out-out’s, both feet in each square, and both feet out to the sides, two directions

  • abs: medicine ball twists, feet off. the. ground. (x20)

Circuit 2 (four times)

  • butt bridges on medicine ball (x20 + 5 second hold)
Image from Peak 313 Fitness
  • Drill:

–  carioca 25 ft to the right
–  10 jumping jacks
–  carioca 25 feet to the left
–  10 jumping jacks

JoyFitnessAndStyle shows us a “carioca.” I would have called it something boring, like “cross-over side-runs.” Carioca is much sexier, don’t you think? Viva Carioca!!
  • scissor legs (x30)

Circuit 3 (four times)

  • back squats, 60 lbs (x10)
  • calf raises, with the same bar/weight as the squats (x15)
  • decline bench situps with arms overhead (x10)



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