Fitnessista’s Summer Shape Up, Week 2

Once again, I’m capitalizing on Fitnessista’s hard work, and using her awesomely-designed workouts for one of our gym days this week.  You can find a lot more details about this week’s workout on her post here, but I’ll break down the numbers below, so that we’re all organized once we get to the gym.

Thanks Fitnessista!

15-minute HIIT

Same set as last time, but this time we’ll do it correctly, ha!  Go full tilt (level 9-10) for 30 seconds, then continue at a level 2-3 for 1 min, 30 secs (1:30).  Cycle through the following exercises, until you reach 15 minutes.



Post-workout update:  WOW!!  This was an amazing workout — a serious calorie-burner.  My burn was up to 580 at the end of the workout, and my heartrate stayed elevated for quite a while.  For fun, I left the heartrate monitor on for another hour, and 2 hours after the start of the workout, my burn was up to 760.  YES!


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