Friday Full Body Remix

On Friday, I missed the workout because … I forgot my gym clothes. It was just that sort of day. I sent emails and forgot the attachments. I sent the wrong data to my boss. I was just trying to do too much at once and ended the day in worse condition than I started.


Since I missed the gym on Friday, I decided to alter Friday’s workout for an in home workout today. I didn’t quite have all the necessary equipment at home (anyone with an assisted pull up machine in-home, props to you!) so I had to make do with what I had. Hopefully this will encourage you all to do this workout as well!

The equipment I had on hand:

• 10lb dumbbells
• Ab ball
• Towel
• Bar Stool

Here is Friday’s workout make over:

• seated medicine ball circles (aka “Rocky Solos”), 8lb ball 10lb dumbbell (x10 each direction)
kettlebell thrusts 15lb, Around the Clock for your inner thighs (x10 ea side) (see pic below)
• tricep presses on Bosu ball, 15 lbs 2 10lb dumbbells (x10)
• deadlifts with bar, 40lbs 2 10lb dumbbells (x10)
assisted pull-ups pushups with towel (x10)
• Pilates V-ups (x10)
• Jumping squats (x10)
• Dumbbell flyes chest presses on stability ball, two 810 lb dumbbells (x10) [Note: I would have done flies, but 10lb was just out of my range. If it’s in yours, keep the flies!]
• Military Press with calf raise, two 10-lb dumbbells (x10)

Then finish with Friday’s tabata. You will sweat, but give it your all at the end. Sweat is just fat crying.

I know it looks like a lot of change, but it’s mostly substituting the weight Amanda used for my 10lb dumbbells. Please use whatever weights you have or feel comfortable using. The three new moves are listed below:

Around the clock for inner thighs. Looks easy, but you are going to feel it the next day. Prop your feet up on a high chair (I used a bar stool) in a reverse plank position. Make sure your body is in a straight line. Then lift your right leg up (shown below), out to the side, down under the seat, back up and then rest it on the stool. Repeat with the left leg for one rep.

Pushups with towel. It’s a pushup … with your feet on a towel! 😛 Nothing tricky here, but make sure to put the towel on a slidey surface (I used my kitchen floor). This really engages your abs during the pushup.

Chest presses on the stability ball. Again, no surprises here. Just remember to keep your butt up and your abs engaged.

Please, please feel free to shoot some feedback my way! I would love to know if you tried the work out and what you liked about it.



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