Full Body + Tabata

Last night I had zero motivation going to the gym.  I pulled up in my car, and the thoughts that ran through my head were


No, no.

I’m just going to go home”

But then I saw Doha waiting for me at the door and I got out of the car.  😛

During lunch yesterday, I stumbled upon this great article with a lot of good moves.  22 Men’s Exercises Women Should Do It’s got a few moves Amanda and I learned from Crossfit and a few newbies that I folded in to last night’s work out.  It was nice to find so many in one article and I enjoyed the “dude’s tips” on correct form.  Also, saw this article. I’m more of an LC fan, but these moves looked fun. Last night’s workout is in the circuit form intended to be performed 2 – 3 times through with a tabata finish.


Kettle Bell Leg Lift
Plank Rows
Cross Legged Lift


Bike time.  Hop on the stationary and bike hard for 20seconds, rest for 10 and repeat 8 times for a total of 4 minutes.




Friday Workouts Are For Champs!

Isn’t it tempting to skip a workout on a Friday?   I always feel good when I get it done though — especially once I’ve gone home, showered, and put on a Friday-night outfit.  It just feels good to have the extra endorphins, and to feel my muscles working, when I’m wearing something cute.  Is it just me?

Circuit.  Repeat 3 times.  Don’t whine.

  • Medicine ball squat with 8-lb ball (x15)
  • Jog in place while doing overhead presses, using two 8-lb dumbbells (1 min)
  • Overhead press to obliques with 10-lb dumbell (x10 each side)
  • One-legged squats “around the world,” with 10-lb medicine ball (5x through on each leg)
  • Overhead Tricep Extensions 21’s!  Use 8-lb dumbbells (x7 just the first half of the way up, x7 just the second half, x7 full range)
  • Seated calf raises with 25-lb dumbbells (x20)
  • Windshield wiper abs (x20)
Medicine Ball Squat. Image from Fitness Blender.
One-legged squats, around the world, image from Fitness Blender

Tabata Closer from Fitnessista.  It’s a killa.


Legs Plyo + Abs

After talking with Amanda and Ella yesterday, I find I may have missed out on the inner thigh soreness that they were experiencing after Monday’s workout. … sniff sniff … I want to be sore too. SO! I made this work out with my thighs and butt in mind. I think part of my problem was that I was just not performing the moves correctly to get the maximum burn. I’ll try to keep that in mind today so you can all join along with me.

The style as always is a giant circuit designed to be run 2 – 3 times through. Following will be an arm/abs HIIT (read: lots of planking).


  •   Double Leg Lift
    X 15
  • Side to side jumps over bench
    x 30
  • Alternating side lunges
    x 10 ea. side with 25lb bar
  • Plie Squats
    x 15 w 10lb dumbbells in hand
  • Side Plank Lifts
    x 10 ea. side
  • Side Leg Raises (see image below)
    x 10 ea. side
Double Leg Lift
Side Leg Raises


This is a modified HIIT and really more of a supplemental circuit.  Perform the set of moves three times through

  • Up. Downs

    x 3. In plank on your elbows, hold for 10 seconds. After 10s, come up to your hands (still in plank), hold for 1s, go back down to your elbows, hold for 1s, and repeat for a total of 5 times. That’s one rep. Want a challenge? put your feet on a bosu ball.

  • Spider push ups (see image below)
    x 10
  • Push presses
    x 15 with 25lb bar
  • Mountain climbers on bosu
    for 45 seconds
Spider Push Ups
Mountain Climber on Bosu



Leg Day, 7/23/2012

Hi friends!   Well, it turns out I never got to go to India last week.  Here’s a lesson I’ve learned: don’t fly through Chicago.  Ever.  I’ll spare you the gorey details, but the short version is that weather delays in Chicago caused us to miss a connecting flight to Frankfurt.  After many more delays throughout the day, it became impossible for us to get to India in time for my talk at the conference I was going for, even though there were still four days before the talk.  I’m still really shocked, and very disappointed.  But, worse things have happened, of course, and we did get to see a bit of Chicago, which was cool!  We both agree we have to return there (as a destination, not a layover) for a trip soon.

I didn’t even get a chance to test my hotel workout plan.  But I will tell you that I did over 100 lunges in the airport that day.  Success??

Anyway, on to more sweaty gym plans.  Here’s a leg day for today.

Circuit.  Repeat 3 times.

  • Walking lunges, holding two 10-lb dumbells (x20)
  • Single-leg bridges (x10 each leg), scoot your heel closer to your butt than in the picture below.  It will take some of the work away from your hamstrings, and give it to your glutes.
  • Box jumps on step with 5 levels (x10)
  • Leg lifts (x10)
  • Hamstring curls on medicine ball (x20), not a stability ball.  Trying this way out to see how it feels!
  • Clam-diggers, with 8-lb dumbbell resting on leg (x10 each side)
  • Alternating side-squats with 30-lb bar (x20)
  • Scissor-legs (x10)
  • Jackknifes (or pikes) on stability ball (x10)
Single-leg bridges. Image from Cooking Light.
Clam Diggers. Image from Everyday Health.

HIIT Cardio Party.  Here’s my possibly crazy idea.  There are three or four of us today, so we’ll alternate between a few cardio machines for a final burn at the end.  So here’s what we’ll do.   You’ll spend 2.5 minutes at each machine below, and you’ll only be at each machine once.  15 minutes will take you through this routine for all 5 machines.  Make sure you’re safe getting on and off machines, but you’ve gotta move fast!

  • 30 seconds moderate/light exertion
  • 30 seconds sprint
  • 30 seconds moderate/light exertion
  • 30 seconds sprint
  • 30 seconds moderate/light exertion

Here are the machines we’ll work with.  If your gym has others, or doesn’t have all of these, feel free to switch things up.

  • Stationary Bike
  • Elliptical Machine, going backwards
  • Treadmill
  • Stairmaster
  • Rowing Machine

I’m guessing this is going to be hilarious to coordinate between all of us, but we’ll see.  Either way, it’s something different, right?  =)


Arms Plyo + Legs HIIT

Morning folks, my workout goal this week was to bring my SHOES to the gym each time. Last week I forgot not once but twice! I mean, I love doing pullups in my ballet flats or chest pressed in my loafers as much as the next gal, but I could do without the sideways glances from everyone else in the gym.  So far this week I’m been 1 for 1.

Today’s workout is in the style of the previous summer shape up workouts but emphasizes on mostly arms and the HIIT that follows emphasizes on legs. In the end, you’ll hopefully be sweating all over.


  • Around the world
    x10 with 8lbs weights, see below picture, lift arms up, down and around, back up and return to start for 1 rep
  • Step ups on bench with bicep curl at the top
    x10 each leg with 10lb weights
  • Tricep dips with crab kicks
    x10 on bench with 10 crab kicks at the end
  • Ab slides
    x15, see below picture, with your feet on two towels, slide your feet out and into a tuck, then out and back to plank for 1 rep
  • Plank with push up
    3 reps, take 3 side steps in plank, do two pushups, repeat in opposite direction for 1 rep
  • Lat pull overs with a crunch
    x15 with an 8lbs weight, lift weight over your head and crunch up, see below picture

Around the World

Slide Abs

Lat Pull Overs

Perform each move for 30 seconds, then take a 30 second rest. Iterate through the circuit three times for a 15 minute hiit. Are your buns ready?!

  • Butt Kicks
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Reverse Lunges
  • High Knees
  • Sumo Squats

make it hurt … in a good way 😉

Cardio + Tabata + Abs

Yesterday’s workout was a lot of cardio with a tabata and ab workout finish. My usual workout buddies couldn’t make it so I opted to do some solo cardio instead of fighting the boys for the weight machines. I find that Monday and Tuesdays at the gym are the busiest days so I try to save my weight lifting for the end of the week. This way I never have to wait to move back and forth between machines and can keep my heart rate more elevated during the workout.  But back to my workout of the day.

Workout – 30 minutes steady state cardio, tabata then abs.


I ellipted on the elliptical for my 30 minutes steady state. However, I can’t stand just staring around the room for that long, so for the first 5 minutes I kept it at a level 9 and then for the next 5 minutes I increased the intensity 1 level each 30 seconds. Increasing the intensity every 39 seconds makes the work out breeze by and adds a little extra challenge.

Performed the following moves for 20 seconds with a 10 second rest in between and complete the circuit twice.

  • Crab Kicks
  • Burpees
  • Jump Lunges
  • Ski Jumps

Crab Kicks

Finish with 30 reps of each of these moves. Feel free to break it up into 2 set of 15 reps each or 3 sets of 10 reps each.

Leg Raises



A Small Fitness Goal While On Travel

As you read this, I’m probably already on an airplane, making my way to India for a conference where I will present some research.  I plan to do a good deal of sight-seeing while there, and I don’t plan on taking much advantage of the gym that is provided by my resort (lodging is ridiculously cheap in India, and my lodging allowance from work does not seem to account for that.  I’m not going to complain.).  I figure I’ll be walking around a decent amount, and burning more calories than usual.  But my very simple goal for the trip is to complete the following exercises once per day:

20 pushups

20 V-ups

20 air squats

My only excuse will be travel sickness.  Otherwise, this should be easy to complete in about 5 minutes.

I’m excited to see this:

Mysore Palace. Image from TripAdvisor.com.

When I get back, I’ll be really annoying and start all of my sentences with “When I was in India…”  And I’ll probably start saying “Namaste” to every person I greet.  😉