Post Holiday Cardio Blitz

Morning!  Last night Ella and I got together for a quick post holiday work out. Based on the amount of cardio we performed, I feel practically no guilt for the bbq, cake and margaritas I had on the fourth.  I love when working out can afford me some days to eat however I like.

The work out. The workout consisted of 20 minutes on the bike and then a 10 minute AMRAP.

For the bike, I like to set the program to random, but feel free to use whatever you like. The point is to get you sweating and keep you sweating while maintaining a pretty steady heart rate.  I kept it at level 9 for the whole time and my heart rate was 160ish.  For the last five minutes though, kick it up a notch and try to bring in another mile or so if you can.

After a pretty solid warm up on the bike, we did this 10 minute AMRAP. Below is a screen shot from the video showing all four moves.

In case you can’t read the tiny text, the workout is as follows. Some of my notes are next to each move and the full explanation is in the video below.

  1. 15 Dynamic Squats. This is a half jumping jack plus a squat where you get low and touch the ground. During the workout, I noticed my back would arch as I got tired, so make sure to keep it straight. Also, squat down and don’t just lean forward to touch the ground. Your bum will thank you in the morning!
  2. 15 Kick Ups. In crab position, you alternate kicking up your legs. The higher you kick they more effective they.  A kick on each leg counts as one rep.
  3. 10 Dive Bombers. In downward dog, you do a pushup, then move to cobra pose, then return to the beginning. Your hips, do not touch the ground!
  4. 10 Prisoner Get Ups. Like a Turkish get up, but waaaaay more tolerable. Squat down with your hands behind you head, then tuck one leg under you to sit. From here, lie back and then come up to a crunch. Tuck the opposite leg under you and come up to a squat position again. Jump squat and repeat.


Get sweaty.



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