Full Body Circuit + Tabata, 7/9/12

Well we’re out of Fitnessista Summer Shape Up workouts, so it’s time to get creative again!  It was really nice to have someone do all of the organization for us, but now it’s back to homemade workouts for Thing 1 and Thing 2 (and honorary Thing 3 – Ella).  Although, today we’re still using the same sort of format as as the Summer Shape Up workouts: one lonnnnnng circuit, repeated three times, followed at the end by some intense cardio.  You know that if you weren’t working hard enough during the circuit portion, then the Tabata drills at the end are your big opportunity to pour out everything you’ve been saving up!

The Circuit (repeat three times):

  • Lunge and lift (x10 each leg) – lift your back leg after each lunge, squeeze the booty. squeeze it!
  • Incline pushups (x10 regular, x10 close-grip) – put your hands on a bench to create the incline
  • Dumbbell wood chops, 10lbs (x10 each direction)
  • Jump rope / Jumping jacks (1 min)
  • IYTWs, remember to pause at each position for 5 seconds (x3 sets)
  • Seated rows with elastic bands (x20)
  • Sumo squat with bicep curl, 10lbs (x15), then 15 pulsing sumo squats on your toes

Tabata Finisher:  Repeat this circuit twice!  It should take 4 minutes.  No problem, right?  HAHAHAHAHA!

  • Squat Jacks, 20s
  • Break, 10s
  • Burpee with Tummy Tuck, 20s
  • Break, 10s
  • Plank Jack, 20s
  • Break, 10s
  • V-sits, 20s
  • Break, 10s

Adapted from this awesome video.  I just took out one of the exercises.

Happy Monday!






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