Mostly Legs Day, 7/11/12

Back to some more serious muscle-building today.  A little less cardio, a little more strength.  I’m sticking to mostly legs, since we worked our arms pretty well on Monday.  But there’s still some upper-body stuff in here.  I am so close to a pull up!  In fact, I might even have it.  I should test it out today before we start…

The Circuit (repeat 3 times)

  • Seated calf raises, two 15-lb dumbbells (x20) (edit: we went with 20-lb dumbbells instead)
Seated calf raises. Image from
  • side-stepping squats with resistance bands on ankles (x10 each direction)
  • butt lifts on hands and knees, with a 10-lb dumbbell in your “knee pit” (x10 each side)
Butt lift. Where she has an orange ball, we will have an 8-lb dumbbell. Image from
  • deadlifts with bar, 50 lbs (x10)
  • squat-curl/squat-press, two 10-lb dumbbells.  Like the video below, but with dumbbells instead of the bar. (x10 – so that makes a total of 20 squats)
  • assisted pull-ups (x10)

– do reps 1-3 at your lowest possible assistance, even if you can only squeak out one at a time.
– do reps 4-10 with 50-60 lbs of assistance, but do them slowwwwww

15-minute HIIT

Do each exercise below for 30 seconds at high intensity, then take a 30 second “break” while still moving around at low intensity (easy jog, etc.). Repeat this set 3 times for a total of 15 minutes, including breaks.

  • wall mountain climbers (holy crap)
  • jumping jacks
  • side plank raises on the right
  • side plank raises on the left
  • figure-8s between your legs with 10-lb kettlebell.  You should be in a medium squat (i.e. quads not quite parallel to the floor) the whole time.

Happy lifting!



2 thoughts on “Mostly Legs Day, 7/11/12

    • Hahahaha, totally! Next time, I’ll try to sing Virtual Insanity while I’m doing it. I still love that song. Maybe we can get a crow to fly around the room too. xoxoxox

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