A Small Fitness Goal While On Travel

As you read this, I’m probably already on an airplane, making my way to India for a conference where I will present some research.  I plan to do a good deal of sight-seeing while there, and I don’t plan on taking much advantage of the gym that is provided by my resort (lodging is ridiculously cheap in India, and my lodging allowance from work does not seem to account for that.  I’m not going to complain.).  I figure I’ll be walking around a decent amount, and burning more calories than usual.  But my very simple goal for the trip is to complete the following exercises once per day:

20 pushups

20 V-ups

20 air squats

My only excuse will be travel sickness.  Otherwise, this should be easy to complete in about 5 minutes.

I’m excited to see this:

Mysore Palace. Image from TripAdvisor.com.

When I get back, I’ll be really annoying and start all of my sentences with “When I was in India…”  And I’ll probably start saying “Namaste” to every person I greet.  😉



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