Arms Plyo + Legs HIIT

Morning folks, my workout goal this week was to bring my SHOES to the gym each time. Last week I forgot not once but twice! I mean, I love doing pullups in my ballet flats or chest pressed in my loafers as much as the next gal, but I could do without the sideways glances from everyone else in the gym.  So far this week I’m been 1 for 1.

Today’s workout is in the style of the previous summer shape up workouts but emphasizes on mostly arms and the HIIT that follows emphasizes on legs. In the end, you’ll hopefully be sweating all over.


  • Around the world
    x10 with 8lbs weights, see below picture, lift arms up, down and around, back up and return to start for 1 rep
  • Step ups on bench with bicep curl at the top
    x10 each leg with 10lb weights
  • Tricep dips with crab kicks
    x10 on bench with 10 crab kicks at the end
  • Ab slides
    x15, see below picture, with your feet on two towels, slide your feet out and into a tuck, then out and back to plank for 1 rep
  • Plank with push up
    3 reps, take 3 side steps in plank, do two pushups, repeat in opposite direction for 1 rep
  • Lat pull overs with a crunch
    x15 with an 8lbs weight, lift weight over your head and crunch up, see below picture

Around the World

Slide Abs

Lat Pull Overs

Perform each move for 30 seconds, then take a 30 second rest. Iterate through the circuit three times for a 15 minute hiit. Are your buns ready?!

  • Butt Kicks
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Reverse Lunges
  • High Knees
  • Sumo Squats

make it hurt … in a good way 😉


2 thoughts on “Arms Plyo + Legs HIIT

  1. Haha, I arrive at the gym in my gym clothes and change afterwards. Last week I only threw one of my “real shoes” in my bag and ended up wandering around in hot pink running shoes and a maxidress!

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