Legs Plyo + Abs

After talking with Amanda and Ella yesterday, I find I may have missed out on the inner thigh soreness that they were experiencing after Monday’s workout. … sniff sniff … I want to be sore too. SO! I made this work out with my thighs and butt in mind. I think part of my problem was that I was just not performing the moves correctly to get the maximum burn. I’ll try to keep that in mind today so you can all join along with me.

The style as always is a giant circuit designed to be run 2 – 3 times through. Following will be an arm/abs HIIT (read: lots of planking).


  •   Double Leg Lift
    X 15
  • Side to side jumps over bench
    x 30
  • Alternating side lunges
    x 10 ea. side with 25lb bar
  • Plie Squats
    x 15 w 10lb dumbbells in hand
  • Side Plank Lifts
    x 10 ea. side
  • Side Leg Raises (see image below)
    x 10 ea. side
Double Leg Lift
Side Leg Raises


This is a modified HIIT and really more of a supplemental circuit.  Perform the set of moves three times through

  • Up. Downs

    x 3. In plank on your elbows, hold for 10 seconds. After 10s, come up to your hands (still in plank), hold for 1s, go back down to your elbows, hold for 1s, and repeat for a total of 5 times. That’s one rep. Want a challenge? put your feet on a bosu ball.

  • Spider push ups (see image below)
    x 10
  • Push presses
    x 15 with 25lb bar
  • Mountain climbers on bosu
    for 45 seconds
Spider Push Ups
Mountain Climber on Bosu




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