Wednesday Circuit of Doom

This workout is going to be tough.  It’s a long-ass circuit (11 moves).  And I’m going to lobby for doing it four times, with no HIITs or Tabatas at the end.  Just one, long, grueling, never-ending circuit of doom.  I think this will be just the challenge I need.  I have been so busy lately, and traveling a lot, so I haven’t been good about working out. And I know I won’t get another chance until Monday, and that’s a long way from today.  So I’m ok with being sore.  I wonder how my workout buddies will feel about that…  I’ll let you know if I’ve incited a gym rebellion.

Lateral hop and squat jump (x5 in each direction).  Take a small hop to your right, a brief pause, then sink into a squat.  Jump up from the squat and once you land, hop to your left, and repeat.

Side plank with outer leg raise (x10 each side).

Side Plank with Leg Raises. Image from Fitness Guru Training.

Bent-over reverse flyes (x10). 10-lb dumbbells.

Bent-over reverse flye. Image from Women’s Health.

Reverse lunge with rear leg raise  (x10 each leg).  Holding two 10-lb dumbbells, step backward with your right foot, into a lunge.  As you come back up to standing, raise that right leg up behind you, bringing it as close to parallel to the floor as you feel comfortable with (don’t strain with your back).

Side-to-side sumo squats with a jump on each side (x5 in each direction).  With your right foot, step to the right into a wide sumo squat. Come back up to standing on the right, and jump vertically with your arms overhead.  Now sumo squat to the left, jump vertically, and repeat.

Bench press with dumbbells, 40-50 lbs total (x10)

Jumping oblique twists (30 seconds)

Side-to-side supermans (“back bows”) over a yoga block. (x10 each side)

Jumping Jacks (30 seconds)

Overhead Tricep presses 15-20 lbs, (x10).

Sliding abs with towels (x10). Start in a plank with your feet on towels. As smoothly as possible (it’s HARD), drag your legs wide, and bring your butt up.  At the top of the movement, start bringing your legs back together and your butt down, to end in a crouch.  Now do the reverse of that movement to get back to plank.  That’s one rep.

Sliding Abs

You should hear the maniacal laughter in my head right now.  Even I don’t know what I’m in for…



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