Fitnessista’s Rainy Day Workout

Today, we’ll try Fitnessista’s Rainy Day Workout.  I just love that she makes up these workouts for us, and I don’t have to do any other work.  You can see her post for details on each move, but here’s a nice map of all of the moves, for reference.

CIRCUIT (complete 3 rounds)

1.  Walking lunge and twist with 10-lb dumbbell (x20 steps — i.e. 10 on each leg)

2. Bicep curl countdown (10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-10!), 8-lb dumbbells

3. Plie squat and upright row, 10-lb dumbbell (x15)

4. Substitute a Tabata Set (see below).

5. Tricep dips, on a bench instead of on the floor, and with straight legs (x10)

6. Switch kicks (aka Crab Kicks), 30 seconds

7. Renegade Row, 8-lb dumbbells (x5 each side)

8. Weighted Burpees, 8-lb dumbbells (x10)

9. Substitute Regular Pushups (pushups on dumbbells hurt my hands/wrists! you?) (x15)

The Tabata Set to do in #4:

Remember, a Tabata set is 4 minutes long.  20 seconds on the first exercise, then 10 seconds of rest before you move to the next exercise for the next 20 seconds.  You’ll go through the tabata set twice on each round of the circuit. I promise a significant calorie burn.

Now, let’s go kick some ass.



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