Arm Circuit + AB HIIT 9/19/12

Last week, I was traveling for work and ended spending exactly zero time working out. This week I’m amped to get back into things and lose those calories I consumed last week. While I was gone, all they had were buffet lunches and honestly I think buffet lunches should be forever banned. Who has the will power to turn down scalloped potatoes? A stronger person than I, that’s for sure.

On to the workout. It starts with a quick warm up, moves into a circuit and then finished with an AB HIIT. I’m adding a few select moves with weights but in general trying to keep things cardio intense. Due to my increased calorie intake last week, I’m looking to burn a few more than usual this week.

Warm Up
5 minutes of moderate, steady state cardio. I will hit the treadmill, but feel free to spin, row or use the elliptical.


  • >Good mornings
    x 15, with a weighted bar
  • One armed overhead press
    x 15 each side with 15lb weights
  • lat raises
    x 15 with 10? Dumbbells in hand
  • Jump Squats
    x 25 no weight
  • lunge kicks on bosu
    x 15, each side
  • Push Ups
    x 15
  • Step ups with knee lift
    x 15 each leg, hold 10 – 15 lb dumbbells on your shoulders
  • Jump Lunges
    x 25 no weight
Overhead Press
Lat Raise
Bosu Lunge

40s work, 20s rest. Repeat the circuit 3 times.

Sweat and Enjoy!



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