The Interrupted Workout

At the gym that Amanda and I use, there is an area with normal weight lifting machines and then a separate room for classes. This room is available all the time after work except for Tuesday and Thursday from 5:15p to 6:30p. When I went to the gym yesterday (Thursday) I, however, thought the class was from 5:30p to 6:30p and was planning to finish things before then.  To my surprise and dismay, I had to deal with the crotchety old instructor kicking me out 15 minutes early and disrupting my workout groove.  He moved my kettlebells to the door and went to take apart my step before I stopped him!  I would normally be more than OK with relocating and was planning to anyway, but his rudeness really caught me off guard.  I always try to be very considerate of other people in the gym, but this class only had four people to fill the huge area and we could have easily shared the room for the final 15 minutes.

</ end rant>

Anyone else have to deal with rude people in the gym?

On to the workout:

I made up this workout in a couplet form. You perform the two moves, one after the other, three times through before moving to the next set. But first the warm up –

Warm Up
5 minutes of moderate, steady state cardio. I will hit the treadmill, but feel free to spin, row or use the elliptical.
15 overhead kettle bell swings
arm rotations with a dowel overhead
10 pull ups
50 jumping jacks
10 russian twists


Couplet One

Side Lunge to Curtsy

Couplet Two

  • Overhead Tricep Press
    x 10, with a 20lb kettlebell
  • Around the World
    x 5 with 5lb dumbbells
Around the World

Couplet Three

  • Bicycle Abs on Bosu
    x 20
  • Slidey Abs
    x 10
Slidey Abs

Happy Friday Everyone!


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