Silicon Valley Turkey Trot

Well, it’s official. Kara and I have signed up for the Silicon Valley Turkey Trot, on Thanksgiving morning. My goal for the race is this: no walking. I’m sure Kara’s goal is probably something like (a) under 30:00, and/or (b) don’t trip/fall.

I kid, I kid. Kara’s had a couple of epic running wipe-outs in the time I’ve known her.  I’m sure I’m cursing myself by even mentioning it.  But this course should be fairly free of uneven pavement, so here’s to a safe, fun run. Also, here’s to pigging out afterward.  I think we’ll have earned it.

Anyone else have any big race plans coming up?  I have a friend who just ran a half-marathon, and I have to admit she was definitely an inspiration for doing a 5 k.  It’s been awhile.  Time to make up a running playlist.  One song I know will make the cut: Bulls on Parade by Rage Against the Machine.  Maybe for the last mile, eh?  SO MUCH ANGST!!!




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