Arm Day 12/5/2012

Continuing with my motivation I’ve planned a fabulous arm day for tonight.

Today’s workout will start with the below warm up, follow with the circuit performed 3 times through.

Warm Up

  • 5 minutes of cardio. Hit the treadmill, bike, stairmaster or elliptical
  • 10 pull ups
  • 20 overhead kettle bell swings
  • Arm rotations with dowel
  • 20 russian twist

Repeat 3 times

  • Push Up Walk
    x 10 push ups. Start in plank, shuffle right 3 steps (still in plank), drop to a pushup, now repeat to the left and continue back and forth until you have done 10 pushups total
  • Tricep Dip
    x 15
  • Crab Walk
    x back and forth across room
  • Around the World
    x 10, 5 – 8lb dumbbell in hands
  • Chest Press
    x 10, 20 – 25lb dumbbells
  • Side Plank Crunch
    x 10 each side

arm day 12_4_12




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