5K Santa Run Results

My friend Ella and I ran in the Silicon Valley Santa 5K run yesterday.  We both had fun, and did just fine, though we were wiped OUT at the end.

I trimmed about a minute off of my time… which was not as good as I’d hoped, but still better than last time.   My time was right at 34 minutes, and Ella finished a few seconds ahead of me.  But I learned a few things along the way.

1.  I should not run with headphones/music.  Not yet, at least. I’m still pretty new to this running thing, and I still need to pay what seems like a ridiculous amount of attention to my body, my breathing, and my pace.  While the music can pump me up, I found yesterday, that this was NOT a good thing.  I ran too fast, and lost my steam about halfway through the race.  I walked a couple of times… which is only slightly disappointing, since my time was still faster than the last race, when I never slowed to walk.    But still, at the end of the race, I felt physically crappy, and I didn’t feel that way last time.  I think I really need to be meticulous about my pace, and listening to my body.

2.  I need new shoes.  Mine are at LEAST 5 years old. Pathetic!

3. I still hate running.  As much as I’ve really tried to like running, I still think that circuit training is more my jam.  I’ve improved with my running abilities, and I’m sure I’ll attempt the odd 5k every now and then, but I’m looking forward to getting back to the gym.  The thought of lunges, squats, jump ropes, and Tabata intervals makes me happy inside.

In other news, I will be heading to visit my sister for Christmas.  Every time I visit her, I get an awesome boost in fitness motivation.  We’ll zumba, and we’ll do some weight training, and we’ll probably even eat fairly healthy through the holiday.  Now I’m just hoping that my little arm injury clears up (it’s been almost three weeks!?), so I can get back on the muscle-train. choo-chugga-choo.

What are some important things you learned in your first forays into running?  Any tips you care to share?



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