Upper Body Day, 1/7/13

Holy crap we were sore from last week’s Leg Day on Wednesday.  But we were also awesome, because we still managed to get to the gym on Friday with a quickie designed by Kara.  I was so glad we all willed ourselves to enter the gym, despite being so sore.  I always feel good about starting the weekend with a workout!  100% of the credit goes to having workout buddies.  It makes a big difference when you’re accountable!

Here’s the plan for today.  An upper body day, focusing on a lot of back moves.  I snuck a few leg things in there, but nothing crazy, since I really am still a tiny bit sore.  But I can’t ignore them altogether.  It is simply not in my nature. =)

Start with a 5-minute cardio warm-up.  Jog? Row? Bike?  Whatever you want.

CIRCUIT 1 (four times)

  • Bent-over rows + tricep kickbacks, two 10-lb dumbbells (x10)
  • Bosu Ball Mountain Climbers (45 seconds)
  • Bench Press (x10-15) – I’m going to do a light weight (50-60 lbs) for 15 reps, to avoid irritating my almost-healed elbow/arm injury, but the others may do something heavier for 10 reps.
Bosu Ball Mountain Climbers (source)

CIRCUIT 2 (four times)

  • Bosu Ball cable pulls + squat (x15) – see video below
  • Walking lunges + overhead press, two 10-lb dumbbells (x20) – after each lunge forward, do an overhead press as you come back to a standing position.
  • Upright rows with a bar, 30lbs (x15)
Upright Row (source)

CIRCUIT 3 (four times)

  • W cable pulls, 40 lbs (x15) – this, but in a static lunge position instead of sitting.  Focus on your lats.
  • Static lunge + bicep curls, two 10-lb dumbbells (x10 each leg) – hold a lunge position while you complete the 10 reps, then reverse the position of your legs, and complete another 10 curls.
  • Slidey Abs with towels under feet (x10)
Slidey Abs
Slidey Abs

Stretch!  Don’t forget to down some protein within 30 minutes of your workout, when your body is most happy to use it for muscle building.  I have been lazy about this lately, so I’m trying to get back on the protein train.  Choo choo.



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