Welcome to the Morning Report.

The title of this post, while very generic sounding, is actually a throwback to the morning show on 89x, a Detroit radio station.  I listened to that radio show every. day. on my way to school during high school.  I could probably even sing you some of the jingles from the show should you desire.  I know someone … out there, somewhere… is reminiscing with me 😛

A few updates –

First, the workout last night was perfect.  We had Doha, Amanda, Ella and myself there and all of us were feeling the burn near the end.  The total tallies for each us during the AMRAP were 5 rounds plus a little more.  A fantastic job by all of us.  If you do the workout, let us know how many you complete!

Second, you may have noticed the new layout.  In honor of our one year anniversary, we are trying out some new designs.  Most likely, the site will be updated further over the next few weeks as we settle on the final layout.  Just wanted to give you all a heads up that the look will be in flux.

Happy almost Friday



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