Upper Body Day + Ab Tabata, 1/23/13

It’s just Kara and I tonight — seems like it’s been forever!!  But I’m looking forward to it.  We’re focusing on upper body, with a couple of tweaks on our typical format.  I wanted to lower the reps and increase the weight for a few of our moves today.  I’m aiming to build more muscle, so it can get to work eating up my fat “reserves” (what?  it’s winter.) when I’m sitting ALL DAY at my desk, yo.  😉

And at the end, instead of a third weight-lifting circuit, we’re sliding into home with an ab burner.  I figure, why not?  Why not mix Tabata-style cardio, with some ab moves?  I couldn’t think of any good reason, so we’re gonna give that a try tonight.  Maybe I’ll come up with reasons then.

Circuit 1 (repeat 4x)

  • Bent-over rows with 15-lb kettlebell (x10 each side)
  • Simple bicep curls, keep your elbows glued.to.your.waist. 15lbs (x10 each arm)
  • Overhead tricep press on Bosu (you can do these like the video below, with the round side up, or with the flat side up, which requires better balance), use two hands to hold one 20-lb dumbbell (x10)
  • Jumping jacks (x50)
Bent-over rows with kettle bell

Circuit 2 (repeat 4x)

  • Bench press, heavier weight.  For me, that means ~65 lbs.  (x10 — break up the reps if you have to, but git’er’dun)
  • Back extensions with 10-lb plate (x15)
  • Overhead kettle bell swings, 20lbs (x15)
  • Rowing machine (500 meter sprint)


Tabata Abs.  Do each exercise (or recovery) for 30 seconds, then move immediately on to the next one. You’re done in just 7 minutes, if you don’t count the last recovery.  😉

abs tabataHappy Hump Day!



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