Jumping Jack Flash Workout, 1/30/13

A couple of weeks ago, Kara made up a great quick workout; it was a simple set of 8-10 moves that we went through just once with a set of 20 jumping jacks between each move.  It was great — we got our heart rates up, maintained our muscle, and got in and out of the gym quickly.  I’m definitely in that sort of mood again today — get in, and get out.  I have some errands I’d like to take care of after the gym, so a big workout just ain’t happenin’ today.

Besides, Monday’s workout (also courtesy of Kara) was a doozy, and I am sore.

So here’s my version of Kara’s format.  This set of 8 exercises is meant to be completed only once through, though you could certainly repeat it, if you have time.  Do a set of 20 jumping jacks between each exercise.

  1. T- pushups (x10 pushups, x10 left side planks, x10 right side planks), alternating pushups with plank, and alternating sides.
  2. Walking side squats with resistance bands around your ankles (x10 right, x10 left)
  3. Cobra, holding 2 or 3-lb weights (20 seconds, rest, 20 seconds more) – this is just a “superman,” but without lifting your legs. Adding the small weights makes it more challenging.
  4. Lateral raises, two 5-lb dumbbells (x20)
  5. Wall squat with yoga block held between your knees (1 min)
  6. Incline bicep curls on body ball, 12 lbs (x20)
  7. Pilates heel taps (x20) — see video below
  8. Overhead tricep press — one arm at a time, 15 lbs (x10 right arm, x10 left arm)
T push-ups from Women’s Health
Lateral raises
Incline bicep curls on body ball



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