Leg Day 2/27/13

Ok.  ok.  Today’s workout will be a more typical leg day.  A little more weights, and more lower body focused with some cardio in there to keep the heart rate up.   Also after checking out Hermoine’s abs yesterday, I’ve added in some ab moves disguised as leg moves.  See if you can figure out which is which.  Hope you enjoy!

perform the each circuit four times through and finish with the butt blast at the end.

Circuit One
Front squat – 15 reps with a 45lb bar
One leg dead lifts – 10 reps each leg, two 20lb dumbbells or kettlebells
Calf raises – 30 reps with two 20lb dumbbells or kettlebells
Reverse burpees – 10 reps, check link for video demo

Circuit 1
Circuit 1

Circuit Two
Step ups with knee lift – 10 reps each leg
Curtsey lunges – 10 reps each leg with two 12lb dumbbells
Burpees with weight slide – 10 reps

Circuit 2
Circuit 2
Butt Blast
link for video demo and a reminder of what lisa marie from boy rock used to look like.
Butt Blast
Butt Blast

enjoy. kara.


Legday Update

Hi y’all! I wanted to send out an update to the workout yesterday. My workout buddy Doha and I completed it in about 35 minutes and were pretty schweaty by the end.

Let’sssss be honest though – it’s more of a full body/cardio day. The jump rope time was perfect for Doha and I and the overall workout length was perfect for Monday.  I’m usually hesitant about AMRAPs in principle because they end up focusing more on speed than form/performance and I thought this was the perfect solution – one longer circuit with a great combo of cardio and weights.  Check it out here.

Until tomorrow’s workout – here’s some inspiration via my favorite Harry Potter character!

Emma Watson Fitness Inspiration


Monday, Legday 2/25/13

Monday, monday.  My least favorite but most inspired day of the week.  I hate waking up Monday mornings, but I always feel the start of the week holds so much potential when I finally get myself to work.   I can’t help but think “How am I going to fill the next 7 days????”  Ohhh the possibilities…

Today I’m filling it with a Zuzka inspired workout.  I took one of her AMRAPs and lengthened it to a full circuit workout.  It’s a giant circuit workout, like fitnessistas of old times but it’s got lots of jump rope to keep your heart rate up.  The workout inspiration and photos seen below can be found here.

Repeat 4 times through

  • Jump rope with high knees – 1 minute
  • Squat and press – 10 reps with 10lb  dumbbells
  • Jump rope with high knees – 1 minute
  • Bent over rows – 10 reps with 10lb  dumbbells
  • Plank rows – 10 reps with 10lb  dumbbells
  • Jump rope with high knees – 1 minute
  • Jump lunge and twist – 10 reps with a 10lb  dumbbell
  • Jump rope with high knees – 1 minute
  • One leg toe touch and push up – 10 reps


Enjoy! kara.

Two Toughies – Leg Day, 2/20/2013

Circuit One (repeat 4x)

  • Walking lunges holding two 10-lb weights + pushups  (10 lunges in one direction, then get down and do 5 pushups, then 10 lunges in the other direction, and another 5 pushups)
  • Butt lifts with an 8-lb dumbbell held in your kneepit (x10 each leg)
  • Single leg calf raises, off of a step, holding two 10-lb dumbbells (x10 each leg)
  • Military-style situps;  for us, that just means keeping your toes off of the ground, heels dug in, and sitting all the way up. It’s not a crunch!  (x20)
Butt lift.  Where she has an orange ball, we will have an 8-lb dumbbell.  Image from cookinglight.com
Butt lift. Where she has an orange ball, we will have an 8-lb dumbbell. Image from cookinglight.com

Circuit Two (repeat 4x)

  • Bike Sprints (30s sitting, 15s standing, 30s sitting, 15s standing, 30s sitting,15s standing, 30s sitting) — less than 3 minutes, push yourself!
  • Oblique sit-ups, with legs (see video below) (x15 each side)
  • Dumbbell deadlifts, with two 20-lb dumbbells (x15)
  • Scissor legs, like this video at 2:58, but pick up the pace a bit (x15)

That’s it!  I think both circuits look to be on the tougher side, so I think just two of them (with 4 repetitions each) is still an excellent workout, especially when you factor in those bike sprints.  Kick ass, and have fun.  =)


Goofy Upper Body Day + Tabata Finisher, 2/13/2013

A couple of days ago, Kara, Doha, and I did a nice workout.  It was two simple circuits with a tabata at the end.  But it was a little too easy… so I wanted to kick it up a little bit today, but keep the same format.  We are (or at least I am) really enjoying the 2-circuit workouts with tabata finishers lately.  Those last 4 minutes really make you dump the rest of your energy — my heart rate stays high for about an hour after we finish.  That’s my favorite part;  I’ll be home and cooking dinner, and peek at my heart rate monitor to see that my HR is still in the 90-100 range.  Heck yeah, extended calorie burn, baby!

So this workout has two circuits, with some more intense moves than we did on Monday, and 4 repetitions of each circuit instead of three.  WOO!

Circuit 1, repeat 4 times

  • Inch worms (x10) – walking your hands out, and walking your feet back up is one rep.
  • Dumbbell flyes + situp on a body ball, two 8-lb dumbbells (x15) – as you bring your arms together at the top of the flye, do a simultaneous crunch on the body ball.
  • Pilates heel taps (x15)
  • Dumbbell press on a body ball, two 15/20-lb dumbbells (x15)

Dumbbell Flyes + Crunch
Dumbbell Press on Body Ball

Circuit 2, repeat 4 times

  • Concentration curls, 12 lbs (x10 each arm)
  • Single-leg tricep kickbacks, 8-10 lbs (x10 each leg)
  • Superman rolls (x10 – 5 in each direction, alternating) – see if you can do this without laughing!  I know I’m going to giggle.
  • Dumbbell pull/drag + hop over the dumbbell (x5 each arm) – alternate which arm you use
Concentration Curls
Single-leg Tricep Kickbacks
Dumbbell Pulls + Hop Overs

Tabata Finisher, 4 minutes

Do each exercise for 20 seconds at high intensity.  Push yourself!  You get a tiny 10-second break before switching to the next exercise. It will take 2 minutes to finish the first round… repeat it again for a total of four minutes.

  • frog jumps in place
  • bicycle crunches
  • arm circles with 3-lb weights (think of those tiny circles you used to do for gym class — and add some weight to make it tougher)
  • X hops (jump forward, backward, left, and right… repeat)

I’m pretty excited about this workout.  It looks a little bit silly and fun to me!  Let us know if you try any of our weird moves. Happy Hump Day!


Treadmill Awesome

Yay, for almost the weekend!  Just one more day.  I just keep telling myself I’ll make it … in one piece. ; )

I put together a quick cardio workout based on one Amanda and I used to do: http://fitnessista.com/2009/09/rad-workout-1/  I shortened it and made the moves increment based on time and not song.  This works for me better because I love to mix up my playlists each time. I rarely have the same songs on hand unless I’m practicing my timing for a race. 

Feel free to personalize just like I did to better suit your needs/desires. The link to fitnessista has some good suggestions! Also, please adjust the speed and inclines to best suit your body.

Treadmill Workout


Mostly Legs Day + Tabata, 2/4/2013

Holy Monday!  Wow, what a day.  I really got on a roll at work today — got a ton accomplished.  YES!  And it’s about to get even better, with this workout.  Not to mention, I’m pretty stoked for grilled scallops when I get home for dinner.  Best Monday ever?  It might be in the running.  I don’t want to jinx it!

Circuit 1 (four times)

  • Stability Ball Rollouts (x15)
  • Turkish Get-ups, with 10-15lb kettle bell (x10)
  • Hip Adduction Machine (x10, plus a 10-sec hold at the end)
image1, image2, image3
           source                                                  source                                             source

Circuit 2 (four times)

  • Split squat/lunge off of a bench, holding two 12-15 lb weights (x10 each side)
  • Pushups, on your toes (x15) – try a few with narrower arm stance to hit your triceps harder.
  • Bridge on Body Ball (x10, plus a 10-sec hold at the end) – with weight resting on hips maybe?  We’ll see how difficult it is.
      source                                                   source                                              source


4 minutes of madness, Fitnessista-style.  See video.

The moves are: Star Jumps, Rotating Burpees, Side Leaps, and 3 Jump Lunges + 1 Kick.

Here’s to freakishly good Mondays.  May they multiply profusely.