Goofy Upper Body Day + Tabata Finisher, 2/13/2013

A couple of days ago, Kara, Doha, and I did a nice workout.  It was two simple circuits with a tabata at the end.  But it was a little too easy… so I wanted to kick it up a little bit today, but keep the same format.  We are (or at least I am) really enjoying the 2-circuit workouts with tabata finishers lately.  Those last 4 minutes really make you dump the rest of your energy — my heart rate stays high for about an hour after we finish.  That’s my favorite part;  I’ll be home and cooking dinner, and peek at my heart rate monitor to see that my HR is still in the 90-100 range.  Heck yeah, extended calorie burn, baby!

So this workout has two circuits, with some more intense moves than we did on Monday, and 4 repetitions of each circuit instead of three.  WOO!

Circuit 1, repeat 4 times

  • Inch worms (x10) – walking your hands out, and walking your feet back up is one rep.
  • Dumbbell flyes + situp on a body ball, two 8-lb dumbbells (x15) – as you bring your arms together at the top of the flye, do a simultaneous crunch on the body ball.
  • Pilates heel taps (x15)
  • Dumbbell press on a body ball, two 15/20-lb dumbbells (x15)

Dumbbell Flyes + Crunch
Dumbbell Press on Body Ball

Circuit 2, repeat 4 times

  • Concentration curls, 12 lbs (x10 each arm)
  • Single-leg tricep kickbacks, 8-10 lbs (x10 each leg)
  • Superman rolls (x10 – 5 in each direction, alternating) – see if you can do this without laughing!  I know I’m going to giggle.
  • Dumbbell pull/drag + hop over the dumbbell (x5 each arm) – alternate which arm you use
Concentration Curls
Single-leg Tricep Kickbacks
Dumbbell Pulls + Hop Overs

Tabata Finisher, 4 minutes

Do each exercise for 20 seconds at high intensity.  Push yourself!  You get a tiny 10-second break before switching to the next exercise. It will take 2 minutes to finish the first round… repeat it again for a total of four minutes.

  • frog jumps in place
  • bicycle crunches
  • arm circles with 3-lb weights (think of those tiny circles you used to do for gym class — and add some weight to make it tougher)
  • X hops (jump forward, backward, left, and right… repeat)

I’m pretty excited about this workout.  It looks a little bit silly and fun to me!  Let us know if you try any of our weird moves. Happy Hump Day!



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