Upper Body Focus Day + Ab Finisher

This was one Kara and I did last week — we’ve both been swamped at work, so it’s been tough to post things pre-workout.  Such is life!  Anyway, things are about to get even more insane at work for Kara, so I’ll try to hold down the fort here for a bit. Hope you all have an excellent St. Patrick’s Day!

Circuit 1 (repeat 4x)

  • Seated reverse flyes
  • Around-the-world pushups on step bench (1 pushup on each side of the bench, 2 “laps” in each direction”, for a total of 16 pushups, similar to the video below)
  • Walking lunges + curl + press, with two 10-12lb dumbbells (x20, 10 on each side)
Seated reverse flyes, from Oxygen Magazine
Seated reverse flyes, from Oxygen Magazine
Walking lunge + curl + press, from Women’s Health

Circuit 2 (repeat 4x)

  • Overhead tricep presses, holding one 20-lb dumbbell with both hands (x10)
  • 500 meters on rowing machine (keep it under 3 minutes, but shoot for 2:30)
  • Around the world combo with 5-lb dumbbells (x10)
Overhead Tricep Press, from Women World
Around the World
Around the World, demonstrated by my lady-friend, Kara.


  • 30 frog crunches
  • 30 V-ups
  • 30 oblique crunches on the right
  • 30 oblique crunches on the left
source, source, source
source, source, source