Full Body Day + Ab Blast, 4/3/2013

One thing that’s nice about having this blog is that, even if no one read it (and thanks to those of you who do!! Hi!), we have quite a collection of workouts.  This is great because it means that on days when we just don’t have time to come up with something new, we have pre-designed workouts ready to go.  And that’s exactly what I used on Wednesday.  I made some adjustments to Kara’s Full Body Day + Ab HIIT from August last year, and it was perfect.  I took out the lunges, since I had done that exact move the day before, and I didn’t feel like doing the ab reaches or push ups, so I put in some replacements, instead.  The rest was pretty much the same.  That Ab session is a killer, man.  Here’s the re-vamped workout:

One Big Circuit, repeat 3x

  • Side-to-side squats, holding two 10-lb dumbbells (x20 — 10 each side), see minute 2:30
  • 10 butt-kicks, followed by 10 high knees (repeat sequence 3x)
  • side plank with inner-thigh leg lifts (x10 each leg)
  • overhead tricep press with 20-lb dumbbell (x10)
  • burpees (x10)
  • assisted pullups (x10)

Ab Blast:  Do the first exercise for 30 seconds, as many reps as you can, then take a 30 second break before moving on to the next exercise.  Do the second exercise for 30 seconds, then take another 30-sec break, etc.  Complete the series of 4 exercises 3 times through.

Crab Kicks

This one was great, and took about 45 minutes to complete. Make your own modifications, if you like, and give it a try!




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